Alex Gallego

Alex Gallego

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First Name * Alex
Last Name * Gallego
Username * Gariebo
Country * Spain
City Viladecans
Nationality Spanish
Languages CatalaCatalánEnglishSpanish



Availability: Freelance


Artist specialized in cartoon, realistic caricature, digital painting, character design, concept art, packaging illustration, storyboard, cover art, animation, caricaturist and design / branding.
Among his clients, there are companies from all kinds: publicity, tv, marketing, magazines, cosmetics, editorial, newspaper, theater, International conventions...
Some of them include Disney Channel, Disney Cinemagic, Disney JUNIOR, ESPN Channel, IBM, SONY, The International Comicon of Barcelona, The International Book Fair of Barcelona,
TV3 (tv channel in Spain), A3 (tv channel in Spain), Monty Python's SPAMALOT (as illustrator for backgrounds and props), Kau Boots, Wimpy Kid license, CITROËN,
The 25st Anniversary DVD of QUEEN's Wembley Stadium Concert, FANGZ the game for iOS and Android, etc...


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